Intimadating body language

The course, in and of itself, was very good and very well presented by Ms. She was an excellent instructor and presented the course material in a very thorough fashon however she was continually interrupted by the student body for various reasons. When I wanted to go back to review something it was ackward.

Overall the experience was good other than some occasional sound problems. There should be a way to search the coursework easily.

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I enjoyed the course, and can't wait to learn it to the fullest.The order the modules were given made it easier to understand this powerful program. I did have issues with originally joining the webinar due to Windows 10 directing me to an app in the App Store and no Go To Training app existedcausing a roadblock.I felt very confident that I could do an estimate on my own using this program after this class! I thought the content was fine, but the pace was very slow.Either within the modules or if the PDFs were a single PDF instead of all individual downloads.I liked the quizes and took them several times to help lock in my knowledge.

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